Battle of Lasy Królewskie

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Battle of Lasy Królewskie
Part of Invasion of Poland
Date September 1, 1939
Location Janowo[disambiguation needed], Krzynowłoga Mała in Poland
Result Indecisive
 Germany  Poland
Commanders and leaders
Unknown Unknown
Cavalry component of the 3rd Army (Wehrmacht) 11th Cavalry "Legions'" Regiment of Mazowiecka Cavalry Brigade
Casualties and losses
17 killed
25 wounded
20 killed
11 wounded

Battle of Lasy Królewskie (Polish: Bitwa w Lasach Królewskich, Battle of Royal Forests) refers to the battle on September 1, 1939 near Janowo and Krzynowłoga Mała during the battle of the border of the Invasion of Poland.

It was a cavalry battle, as Polish Uhlan cavalry (elements of 11th Cavalry "Legions'" Regiment) encountered German cavalry units. Polish cavalry charged the Germans, and melee combat ensued. Sabers (on the Polish side szablas) were used.


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