Battle of Mandora

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Battle of Mandora
Part of the French Revolutionary Wars
Date 13 March 1801
Location Between Abu Qir and Alexandria, Egypt
Result British tactical victory
United Kingdom United Kingdom France France
Commanders and leaders
Ralph Abercromby François Lanusse
12,000 4,470
Casualties and losses
179 killed, 1,095 wounded[1]

The Battle of Mandora was fought on 13 March 1801 between the French Armée d'Orient and the British expeditionary corps, during the French campaign in Egypt and Syria.

The battle occurred when a French force of nearly 5,000 men under General François Lanusse, counter-attacked the British advance towards the defences of Alexandria. After hard fighting, the outnumbered French troops where thrown back in confusion. The British 90th and 92nd Regiments of Foot, who had borne the brunt of the fighting, were awarded the battle honour "Mandora".[2] Eight days later, the French made a further unsuccessful attempt to halt the British at the Battle of Alexandria.

The Mandora Barracks (built 1895, demolished 1970) at Aldershot in Hampshire were named after this action.[3]


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Coordinates: 31°14′38″N 30°01′44″E / 31.2439°N 30.0289°E / 31.2439; 30.0289