Battle of Mesoten

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Battle of Mesoten
Part of French invasion of Russia (1812)
Date September 29, 1812
Location Mežotne, Latvia
Result Prussian victory
Flag of Russia.svg Russian Empire Kingdom of Prussia Kingdom of Prussia
Commanders and leaders
Fabian Steinheil Ludwig Yorck von Wartenburg
4 battalions, 2 squadron[1] 2,000 men and several cannons 5 battalions, 5 squadron[2] 2,000 men and several cannons
Casualties and losses
unknown unknown

The Battle of Mesoten was fought during Napoleon's invasion of Russia, on 29 September 1812 near Mežotne (German: Mesoten), between Russian forces under General Fabian Steinheil, and the Prussian army, commanded by Ludwig Yorck von Wartenburg.


In September 1812 the Russian army launched an offensive against the Prussian auxiliary corps. Prussian commander York has concentrated its troops to protect its artillery (110 guns), located near the city of Riga. But sent small detachments (several thousand soldiers each) to Mežotne and Grāvendāle (Grafental).


On September 29 Prussians went on the offensive and attacked advanced Russian squad in Mežotne. The battle lasted all day, at night Russians retreated.[3]


Defeated, Russian retreated to Riga and ceased active operations.


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