Battle of Minatogawa

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Battle of Minatogawa
Part of the Nanboku-chō Wars
Troops disposition at Minatogawa
Troops disposition at Minatogawa
Date 1336
Location near the Minato river, Kobe
Result Ashikaga victory
Ashikaga rebels Japanese imperial forces
Commanders and leaders
Ashikaga Takauji Kusunoki Masashige, Nitta Yoshisada
50,000 25,000
Casualties and losses
? Kusunoki commits suicide

The Battle of Minatogawa(湊川の戦い) also known as the Battle of Minato River was fought in 1336 between Japanese forces loyal to Emperor Go-Daigo and the Ashikaga clan. The Imperial forces were led by Kusunoki Masashige and Nitta Yoshisada, while the Ashikaga were led by Ashikaga Takauji. The Ashikaga were victorious, and Kusunoki committed suicide.