Battle of Molins de Rey

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Battle of Molins de Rey
Part of Peninsular War
Batalla molins de rei 1808.jpg
Map of the Battle of Molins de Rey
Date 21 December 1808
Location Molins de Rei, Spain
Result French victory
France First French Empire Spain Kingdom of Spain
Commanders and leaders
France Laurent Gouvion Saint-Cyr
France Joseph Chabran
Kingdom of Italy (Napoleonic) Domenico Pino
Spain Conde de Caldagues (POW)
Spain Juan de Vives
Spain Theodor von Reding
18,000, 48 guns 15,000, 25 guns
Casualties and losses
400 2,200, 25 guns

The Battle of Molins de Rey or Battle of Molins de Rei or Battle of Molins del Rey, on 21 December 1808, was an engagement during the Peninsular War, part of the Napoleonic Wars. Molins de Rei is 15 kilometres (9 mi) west of Barcelona, Spain.

An Imperial French corps led by Laurent Gouvion Saint-Cyr attacked a Spanish army commanded by the Conde de Caldagues. The French, Italian, and Swiss soldiers broke through the Spanish right wing and forced their adversaries to retreat after capturing Caldagues and all the artillery.

After his victory at the Battle of Cardadeu on 16 December, Gouvion Saint-Cyr relieved the blockaded Imperial corps under Guillaume Philibert Duhesme in Barcelona. Subsequently, the Spanish army fell back to a position behind the Llobregat River. Sending Joseph Chabran's division to mount a false frontal attack of the Spanish lines, Gouvion Saint-Cyr led the bulk of his corps to smash the opposing right flank. The Spanish position soon crumbled, but the French missed a chance to win a more significant victory when Chabran failed to pin down his outmaneuvered enemies. After the belated appearance of army commander Juan Miguel de Vives y Feliu and the capture of Caldagues, Theodor von Reding was appointed to lead the Spanish army.


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