Battle of Montebello (1859)

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For other battles with similar names, see Battle of Montebello (disambiguation).
Battle of Montebello
Part of Second Italian War of Independence
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Battle of Montebello
Date 20 May 1859
Location Montebello, present-day Italy
Result Franco-Sardinian victory
France French Empire
 Austrian Empire
Commanders and leaders
Forey Stadion
6600 30,000
Casualties and losses
French: 81 dead, 492 wounded, 69 dispersed
Sardinians: 52 dead, wounded or prisoners
1423 dead, wounded or prisoners
Places of the 1859 Austro-Sardinian War.

The Battle of Montebello was fought on May 20, 1859 at Montebello (in what is now Lombardy, northern Italy). It was a minor engagement of the Second Italian War of Independence, fought between Piedmontese cavalry and French infantry against Austrian troops. The Austrian defeat, despite the greater number, was another sign that Austrian troops were inferior to their enemies. Because of this battle, the Austrian commander in chief was obliged to keep some troops to cover the southern part of the front.

Order of battle[edit]


FML Graf Stadion, commander of V Corps

  • 2 squadrons of 12th regiment Haller Hussars
  • Paumgarten division
    • Gaal brigade
      • 1/1st Liccaner Grenze
      • Regiment 3 Erzherzog Karl, 4 battalions
    • Prince Alexander von Hessen brigade
      • 4/Kaiser Jager Regt
      • Regiment 31 Culoz, 4 battalions
    • Bils Bde
      • 2/3rd Oguliner Grenze
      • Regiment 47 Kinsky, 3 battalions
    • 20 guns
    • elements Boer brigade (attached)
      • Regiment 49, 2nd battalion
      • Regiment 61, 1 battalion

(9,950 infantry, 230 cavalry and 20 guns)

  • Urban independent division (attached)
  • 2 squadrons of 12th regiment Haller Hussars
    • Schaffgottsche brigade
      • 3rd Jager Btn
      • Regiment 39 Don Miguel, 1 battalion
      • Grenadier Btn of Regiment 59 Raineri
      • Sluiner Grenz, 2 companies
    • Braum brigade
      • Regiment 40 Rossbach, 3 battalions
    • 12 guns
    • 4 rocket launchers

(6,700 infantry, 225 cavalry and 12 guns)