Battle of Podujevo

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Battle of Podujevo
Part of the Kosovo War
Date 23 December – 27 December 1998
Location Podujevo, Kosovo, FR Yugoslavia
Result Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Yugoslav victory
 FR Yugoslavia[1] UCK KLA.png KLA
Commanders and leaders
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Sreten Lukić UCK KLA.png
Units involved
SAJ emblem.png Special Anti-terrorist Unit
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 90-120 policemen
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 8 armored vehicles[2]
Casualties and losses
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 1 killed
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 6 wounded[3]
UCK KLA.png 33 insurgents killed[4]

The Battle of Podujevo (Serbian: Бој на Пoдyjeвo, Boj na Podujevo) was fought in the Kosovo War between the Yugoslav Special Anti-Terrorist Unit and KLA insurgents. These events centered around the desire of the Yugoslavs to avenge the death of a Montenegrin policeman who was killed by KLA militants around the area.[4]


The battle occurred between 23-27 December 1998. After the battle, KLA militias had to bury 33 insurgents who were killed in the clashes.[4] Also, according to international monitors who contributed to Operation Eagle Eye, this battle shattered a ceasefire called on by foreign forces.[4] At the conclusion of the fighting, the Kosovo Diplomatic Observer Mission made an appearance doing a surveillance watch over the convoy of Yugoslav Army vehicles.[2]


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