Battle of Przemyśl (1939)

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Battle of Przemyśl
Part of Invasion of Poland
Date September 11–14, 1939
Location Przemyśl, Poland
Result German victory
 Germany  Poland
Commanders and leaders
Unknown Poland Jan Chmurowicz
7th Infantry Division,
detachments from
44th Infantry Division and
45th Infantry Division
7 infantry battalions
1 engineer company
6 heavy artillery platoons
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown

The Battle of Przemysl was a battle between Polish and German forces that took place in the year 1939, in the Polish town of Przemysl. The Polish Army under the command of Kazimierz Sosnkowski arrived in Przemysl on September, 1939 to prepare the town's defenses for a German attack, they didn't have long to prepare though. The Germans began there offensive with saturation bombing, which began one the first or second day of September. The bombings lasted till the eighth, and managed to destroy the cities Primary school for Girls, and set fire to the Central shopping plaza along with other buildings and also killing many of the cities defenders. On the morning of September 10, 1939 the German forces moved in for the ground attack under the command of General Albert Scewola-Wieczorkiewicz. The Polish army tried to put up a fight but the powerful German army, who vastly out numbered them, was too much for the small garrison. The Town was taken by the Germans on September 15, and the first German mayor was appointed the same day.

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