Battle of Ržanica

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Battle of Rrzhanica
Malesore ne luftim.jpg
Albanians in the Battle
Location Ržanica, Montenegro
Result Albanian victory
Flag of Albanian Provisional Government 1912-1914.gif League of Prizren
Albanian Highlanders
Flag of the Principality of Montenegro.svg Kingdom of Montenegro
Commanders and leaders
Çun Mula
Marash Uci
Baca Kurti
Nicholas I of Montenegro
Marko Miljanov

The Battle of Ržanica (Montenegrin: Bitka na Ržanici; Albanian: Beteja e Rrzhanicës) took place on the bridge of Ržanica river in Montenegro, in the late 19th century during the reign of King Nicholas I of Montenegro who planned an invasion of Albanian lands. The King's intentions, with several others, was to invade Albania and to discuss plans with his general Marko Miljanov on how to do so. The word was sent quickly to the Albanians of Malësia e Madhe (Great Highlands). Marash Uci traveled to Çun Mula in Hoti and asked him to summon the tribal leaders of Hoti and Gruda to the Church of Saint John's (Kisha e Shen Gjonit), located in Hoti, without delay for a council meeting.[1]

When King Nicholas I of Montenegro and his army stepped foot on Albanian land—which had been given to him by the Congress of Berlin—the Albanian nationalist Baca Kurti heard gunshots from an extreme point in Malësia and he and the other men of Malësia organized a resistance against Montenegro.

The men resolved to take up arms to defend their land and make Çun Mula their commander, one of those men being Baca Kurti of Gruda. The Malësors of Hoti and Gruda battled against the forces of Marko Miljanov. The Montenegrins were defeated at Rržanica Bridge and Marko Miljanov was forced to withdraw. King Nicholas in Cetinje was informed of the defeat and was told that Albanian forces are massing at the border.