Battle of Ruona

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Battle of Ruona and Salmi
Part of the Finnish War
Date September 1–2, 1808
Location Ruona and Salmi, Kuortane
Result Russian victory
 Sweden  Russia
Commanders and leaders
Carl Johan Adlercreutz Nikolay Kamensky
5,000–6,000 9,000
Casualties and losses
170 killed
400 wounded
110 captured
130 killed
650 wounded

The Battle of Ruona and Salmi was fought between Swedish and Russian troops on September 1–2, 1808 at Ruona and Salmi, Kuortane. The Swedish army was led by Carl Johan Adlercreutz with 5,000–6,000 men under his command against the Russian army of 9,000 men under the command of Nikolay Kamensky. The battle turned up to be a major engagement in the war where fierce artillery fire occurred from both sides. The Swedes retreated after a while with a loss of almost 700 men while the Russians had lost 780 men. This battle is considered one of the turning points in the war along with the battle of Oravais.


Coordinates: 62°50′43″N 23°29′17″E / 62.8453°N 23.4881°E / 62.8453; 23.4881