Battle of Santa Lucia

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Battle of Santa Lucia
Part of the First Italian War of Independence
Date 6 May 1848
Location Santa Lucia, Verona, Lombardy-Venetia
Result Unexploited Austrian victory
 Kingdom of Sardinia  Austrian Empire
Commanders and leaders
Carlo Alberto of Savoy Josef Radetzky
33,000 infantry
8,500 cavalry
82 cannon
33,000 infantry
9,000 cavalry
84 field artillery
192 fortification cannon
Casualties and losses
110 dead
776 wounded
72 dead
190 wounded
87 prisoners

Coordinates: 45°25′26.1″N 10°56′54.7″E / 45.423917°N 10.948528°E / 45.423917; 10.948528 The battle of Santa Lucia was an episode in the First Italian War of Independence. On 6 May 1848, when the king of Sardinia, Carlo Alberto, sent I Corps of the Sardinian army to assault the fortified positions held before the walls of Verona by the Austrian army under field marshal Josef Radetzky. The Austrian army, though outnumbered, managed to withstand the attack and hold their positions. The battle is named after the Santa Lucia district of Verona. Franz Joseph (then only 17 years old) assisted at the battle.


Scope of hostilities[edit]

On 18 March 1848, revolt broke out in Milan. The commander of the Lombard–Venetian army, field marshal Josef Radetzky, had excited the rebellion but did not know how to crush it and was forced to abandon the city of fierce fighting. At the same time many other cities in Lombardy–Venetia and at Como the tire garrison went over to the insurgents. After the battle peace was restore to the region in 1849

The day after Radetzky evacuated Milan, the king of Sardinia declared war on Austria and crossed the Ticino. His army was organised in 2 corps, the first entrusted to Eusebio Bava, the second to Ettore Gerbaix di Sonnaz.

First phase of the campaign[edit]

Liberation of Lombardy[edit]

Forcing the passage of the Mincio[edit]

Advance on Mincio[edit]

Battle of Pastrengo[edit]

Austrian strategic weakness[edit]

Results of Pastrengo[edit]

Radetzky's impasse[edit]

Radetzky penned in at Verona[edit]

Improved Sardinian position[edit]

Strategic opportunities arise[edit]

Carlo Alberto's tactical initiative[edit]

The troops draw up for battle[edit]


Battle plan[edit]


Fighting begins[edit]

Santa Lucia occupied[edit]

Parallel attempt at Croce Bianca[edit]

Refusal to continue the battle[edit]


The Austrians make a show of pursuit[edit]

Failure to re-enter[edit]

Minor Austrian counter-attack[edit]

Military content[edit]

Failed uprising in Verona[edit]

Radetzky's boasting[edit]


Errors in fortification[edit]

A lost opportunity[edit]