Battle of Shirimni

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Battle of Shirimni aka Battle of Palakazio
Part of the Byzantine-Georgian wars
Date September 11, 1021
Location Shirimni, at the Lake Palakazio, now Çildir, Turkey
Result Byzantine victory
Byzantine Empire Kingdom of Georgia
Commanders and leaders
Basil II George I

The Battle of Shirimni also known as the Battle of Palakazio was fought between the Byzantine and Georgian armies at the place of Shirimni at the Palakazio Lake (now Çildir, Turkey; then part of Georgia) on September 11, 1021.


The battle was preceded by the two-decade-long dispute over the Georgian courapalates’ succession that included several Byzantine-Georgian-Armenian marchlands in Asia Minor. A full-scale war erupted when the Georgian king George I took the disputed areas by force, 1014. In retaliation the Byzantine emperor Basil II led, in 1021, a large army into Georgia pushing the Georgians back to their inner frontiers.


Both Byzantine and Georgian armies were led by the monarchs themselves. Basil’s army included many Varangian Guards while George was reinforced by some Armenian auxiliaries. Two armies met at a village Shirimni at the Palakazio Lake. The Georgians were close to win the battle, but powerful counterattacks by Basil proved to be decisive. Two Georgian high-ranking generals, Rati Baghvashi and Khursi were killed in action. Following this costly victory, the emperor plundered the nearby lands and returned to his dominions to winter at Trapezius.

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