Battle of Tachov

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The Battle of Tachov (German: Schlacht bei Tachau) or Battle of Mies (German: Schlacht bei Mies) was a battle fought on 4 August 1427 near the Bohemian towns of Tachov (Tachau) and Stříbro (Mies). It was part of the Hussite Wars, and it was the first battle in which war wagons were used by the crusaders. The battle showed that the Wagenburg could not be used successfully by just any army. It took an army that knew how to use the wagons to make them successful. This battle ended the Fourth Crusade of the Hussite Wars, and for four years no further crusades were made. This would allow the Hussites to go on their "beautiful rides" into Hungary, Saxony, Bavaria and Silesia.

Coordinates: 49°47′43″N 12°37′59″E / 49.79528°N 12.63306°E / 49.79528; 12.63306