Battle of Taraca

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Battle of Taraca
Part of Philippine-American War
Date April 4, 1903
Location Mindanao, Philippines
Result American victory
 United States Late 19th Century Flag of Sulu.svg Moro people
Commanders and leaders
Leonard Wood Datu Ampuanagus
Casualties and losses
2 Killed in action
5 Wounded in action
200 Killed in action

The Battle of Taraca was fought in what is now Taraka, Lanao del Sur in the Philippines between the Moro people of Mindanao and the United States during the Philippine-American War.[citation needed] General Leonard Wood invited the Moro leader, Datu Ampuanagus[1] to consult with him, but was met with refusal.[2] The Moros then began extensive preparations in fortifying the Datu's fort. The fort was assaulted and captured by American forces, resulting in the death of two hundred of the Moro warriors. Datu Ampuanagus surrendered along with six other datus and 22 warriors. The Americans lost two killed and five wounded.