Battle of Tiger Hill

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The Battle of Tiger Hill encompasses the battles fought in and around the peak of Tiger Hill between Indian Army and Pakistani force from the final week of May till second week of June 1999 during the Kargil War in 1999. The Battle, with the concomitant battle for the adjoining peak of Tololing, culminated in Indian forces capturing it.

Indian forces involved in the operation included the 18 Grenadiers and the 8th Sikh Regiment. The battle was one of the costliest operations for the Indian forces in the entire conflict, with casualties of nearly forty personnel killed and nearly a hundred wounded in the entire operation. Pakistan at the time denied regular troop involvement but Indian figures estimated twenty one killed in the battle for the peak itself.

Main Battle[edit]

To launch an offensive and repel the Pakistani outpost from Tiger hill; three battalions of the Indian Army, that of 18 Grenadiers, 2 Naga and the 8th Sikh Regiment where chosen with support from the Indian Artillery. The total assault had taken over 200 troops while they received rear support from a further 2000 troops. The Grenadiers further sub-divided themselves into Alpha, Charlie and Ghatak companies when they carried out the assault on 3 July 1999 at 1715 hours to attack from the rear.Pakistani rangers had a doomed resistance under heavy Indian artillery shelling as they were eventually defeated when the Nagas and the Sikhs attacked from the left and the right flanks respectively.

The whole 36 hour-operation resulted in Yogendra Singh Yadav of the Grenadiers gaining the highest military honour of the Indian Republic, the Param Vir Chakra; the battle had costed 10 of the Pakistani Rangers lives while it also consumed 5 of the Indian Army soldiers. Both the parties were determined; one notable fact was that on the Indian side, the Grenadiers had more ammunition rather than food and they only had a meal once the Battle was won by their side.