Battle of Tofrek

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Battle of Tofrek
Battle of Tofrek.jpg
Battle of Tofrek (Charles Edwin Fripp)
Date March 22, 1885
Location Sudan
Result British victory
United Kingdom United Kingdom Mahdist Sudan
Commanders and leaders
General Gerald Graham Osman Digna
Royal Berkshire Regiment ~5,000
Casualties and losses
21 killed
33 wounded
3,000 killed

The Battle of Tofrek (22 March 1885) was fought between the British forces under the leadership of General Gerald Graham and General John McNeil, against the Mahdist forces led by Osman Digna in the deserts of eastern Sudan.


On 22 March 1885, the 49th Regiment, 1st Royal Berkshire with Royal Marines and an Indian Contingent(comprising the Madras Sappers, the 17th Infantry and a few others), marched eight miles towards Tamai, Sudan to build three zaribas (i.e. "fortified bases"). While still unfinished, they were heavily attacked upon by Arabs of the Hadendoa tribe. After severe fighting enemy were driven off, losing 3000 killed and died of wounds. The Battalion lost 21 killed, 33 wounded.[1]