Battle of Valls

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Battle of Valls
Part of the Peninsular War
Date 25 February 1809
Location Valls, Spain
Result French victory
France French Empire  Spain
Commanders and leaders
Laurent Gouvion Saint-Cyr Theodor von Reding (DOW)
13,350 10,540 infantry,
700 cavalry,
8 guns[1]
Casualties and losses
1,000 killed or wounded 1,400 killed or wounded,
1,600 captured

The Battle of Valls was fought on 25 February 1809, during the Peninsular War between a French force under General Gouvion Saint-Cyr and a Spanish force under General Reding. Fought near the town of Valls in Catalonia Spain, the battle ended in a French victory. The Spanish commander, General Reding, was fatally wounded during a cavalry charge against French cavalry.


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Coordinates: 41°17′00″N 1°15′00″E / 41.2833°N 1.2500°E / 41.2833; 1.2500