Battle of Valls

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Battle of Valls
Part of the Peninsular War
Date 25 February 1809
Location Valls, Spain
Result French victory
France French Empire  Spain
Commanders and leaders
Laurent Gouvion Saint-Cyr Theodor von Reding (DOW)
13,350 10,540 infantry,
700 cavalry,
8 guns[1]
Casualties and losses
1,000 killed or wounded 1,400 killed or wounded,
1,600 captured

The Battle of Valls was fought on 25 February 1809, during the Peninsular War between a French force under General Gouvion Saint-Cyr and a Spanish force under General Reding. Fought near the town of Valls in Catalonia Spain, the battle ended in a French victory. The Spanish commander, General Reding, was fatally wounded during a cavalry charge against French cavalry.

General Reding was marching towards Santa Coloma, when he turned around and attempted to return to Tarragona.[why?] In response, the French forces blockaded the only two roads to Tarragona. Aware of the blockade, Reding chose to go by way of Valls in the night of February 24. His forces reached a bridge two miles from the town by morning.[2]


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Coordinates: 41°17′00″N 1°15′00″E / 41.2833°N 1.2500°E / 41.2833; 1.2500