Battle of Velletri (1744)

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Battle of Velletri
Part of the War of the Austrian Succession
Triumph of Charles III at the Battle of Velletri.jpg
Triumph of Charles VII of Naples at the Battle of Velletri by Francesco Solimena. Oil on canvas (1744).
Date 12 August, 1744
Location Velletri (present-day Italy)
Result Strategic Spanish-Neapolitan victory
Austrian invasion of the Kingdom of Naples crippled
Kingdom of the Two Sicilies Kingdom of Naples
Spain Kingdom of Spain
Habsburg Monarchy Habsburg Monarchy
Commanders and leaders
Kingdom of the Two Sicilies Charles VII of Naples
Spain Comte de Gages
Habsburg Monarchy Prince of Lobkowicz
12,000 10,000
Casualties and losses
2,000 dead
2,000 captured
2,000 dead
2,000 captured

The Battle of Velletri occurred August 12, 1744 in the War of the Austrian Succession, between Austria and the Spanish-aligned Kingdom of Naples, defended by Spanish troops. After seizing Velletri in a nighttime attack and capturing much of King Charles' royal entourage, the Austrian army joined battle with Charles' Spanish army outside the city.

The Austrians were rapidly thrown back by the Spanish and Walloon Guards and retreated north toward Rome with Charles in pursuit.


Act 3 of the opera La forza del destino by Giuseppe Verdi is set during the Battle of Velletri.



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