Battle of la Loma

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Battle of la Loma
Part of the French intervention in Mexico
Date 16 July 1865
Location Tacuámbaro, Michoacán, Mexico
Result Belgian victory
Mexico Mexican republicans Mexico Second Mexican Empire
Commanders and leaders
Porfirio Díaz Alfred Van der Smissen

The Batalle of la Loma took place on 16 July 1865 in the vicinity of Hacienda de la Loma in the current municipality of Tacámbaro in the Mexican state of Michoacán, between members of Mexican army led by General Porfirio Díaz and Belgian legion serving French troops of Mexican Empire in change of Lieutenant Colonel Alfred Van der Smissen. Besides the Belgian victory, the Mexican mission was highly expensive for Belgium because just a half of 1500 soldiers sent to Mexico went back to Europe at the end of the war.