Battle of the Brenta

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Battle of the Brenta
Part of the Hungarian invasions of Europe
Date 24 September 899
Location Bank of the Brenta River, Italy
Result Hungarian victory
Kingdom of Italy Principality of Hungary
Commanders and leaders
Berengar I
15,000 5,000
Casualties and losses
Reportedly heavy Reportedly minor

The Battle of the Brenta was fought between the cavalry of the Kingdom of Italy under king Berengar I and the Hungarians at an unidentified location in northern Italian Peninsula along the river Brenta on 24 September 899. It was one of the earliest battles of the Hungarian invasions of Europe. The result was a crushing defeat for Berengar I, opening the following raids for the Hungarians against Italy.

However Berengar's archenemy, Arnulf of Carinthia died in December 899, as a result his ally, the Hungarians left the kingdom in the next year, after the burning of Vercelli, Modena and the monastery in Nonantola.


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