Battle of the Gediz

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Battle of Gediz
Part of Greco-Turkish War
Date 24 October – 12 November 1920
Location Gediz River, Gediz
Result *Tactically inconclusive[1]
  • Greek forces later evacuate Gediz and retreat to their winter bases[2]
  • Turkish forces enter Gediz[2]
Kingdom of Greece Greece Ottoman Empire GGNA
Commanders and leaders
Kingdom of Greece Leonidas Paraskevopoulos Ottoman Empire Ali Fuat Pasha
Ottoman Empire Çerkes Ethem
Units involved
13th Division[2] 61st Division
11th Division
Kuva-yi Seyyare[2]
Initially 1 Division[3] (12,000–15,000 men) 8,000 men
Casualties and losses
42 killed
123 wounded
181 killed
135 wounded[4]

The Battle of the Gediz was fought between the Turkish Kuva-yi Milliye forces and the Greek forces near the Gediz River in the city of Gediz. The Turkish forces attacked Gediz in order to find out if a force composed mainly of irregular forces could compete with the Greek army in a larger battle. Although the battle temporarily stopped the Greek advance towards Ankara, it also showed that the irregular forces lacked discipline and experience; they had little chance in open field battles against the Greeks. The experiences gained in this battle led the Turkish provisional Government of the Grand National Assembly to the conclusion that it would be necessary from now on to establish and fight with a regular army against the Greek army instead of irregular forces.


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