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Battleship Force, United States Pacific Fleet, usually known as COMBATPAC (Commander, Battleships, United States Pacific Fleet), was a type command of the United States Pacific Fleet. The type command lineage for the Battleships of the Pacific fleet that trace back to Commander, Battleships, Battle Force which was a part of the Battle Force or Battle Fleet (ComBatFor) that was created in 1922. It late 1944, the position was divided in two Battleships squadrons. Squadron One, consisting of the Old Battleships and Battleships Squadron Two, Consisted of the Fast Battleships.


Former Commanders, Battleships, Battle Force

Former Commanders, Battleships, Pacific Fleet

  • Rear Admiral Walter S. Anderson, USN (10 April 1942 - 28 September 1942)

Former Commanders, Battleship Squadrons, Pacific Fleet

Squadron One

Squadron Two

  • Vice Admiral Willis A. Lee, USN (15 December 1944 - 16 June 1945)
  • Rear Admiral John F. Shafroth (Admiral), USN (16 June 1945 - 2 September 1945)


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