Battlestars: Return of Convoy

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For the 1980s TV game show, see Battlestars (game show).

Battlestars: Return of Convoy is the penultimate part of the Japanese Transformers continuity, and features the rebirth of Convoy (Optimus Prime outside of Japan) as Star Convoy. Alongside his Cybertron allies, Star Convoy battles the evil Super Megatron and the mysterious Dark Nova.


Battlestars depicts Convoy revived by the Destrons after his death in Headmasters initially as the evil False Convoy. He battles the Cybertrons but is defeated and then reborn as the Ultimate Cybertron Commander Star Convoy with Zone Energy. Star Convoy is also reunited with Hot Rodimus (Hot Rod outside of Japan) as his Micromaster partner. Galvatron, thought to be buried alive and trapped forever in the Arctic during Headmasters, is reformed into Super Megatron by Dark Nova and proceeds to battle with Star Convoy and the other Cybertrons, including Grandus, Sky Garry, and Sixliner.

After initially defeating the Cybertrons, Super Megatron gets subsequently destroyed by them. Dark Nova then rebuilds him into Ultra Megatron. Despite being even more powerful than before, Ultra Megatron is again defeated by Star Convoy and the Cybertrons, but in near-death, merges with Dark Nova to become Star Giant, a six-armed, tentacled mechanical beast. Star Convoy and the Cybertrons battle and eventually defeat Star Giant, ending the series.

Star Convoy is briefly mentioned in the sequel Operation Combination, as having left Earth to do battle with the mysterious, next Destron Emperor of Destruction Scrash in outer space.


Battlestars was never animated; its storyline exists only in the form of one chapter of manga, published in the Japanese publication, TV Magazine, and assorted feature spreads in the same magazine. Neither the manga nor the toys were released officially in the West, although many Western importers stocked the Takara reissue of Star Convoy in 2005.

Transformers Animated[edit]

Busts of Grandus and Sky Garry appeared in Master Yoketron's dojo as members of the Cyber Ninja Corps in the Transformers Animated episode "Five Servos of Doom", during a flashback of Prowl's training during the Great War.[1] Grandus and Sky Garry make appearances in crowd scenes later on. Animated Optimus Prime's chest design is based on Star Convoy, which was further referenced by the "Armor Up" Optimus Prime redeco of the Activators toy, complete with the three pointed star design.


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