Batu Enam

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Batu Anam is a small town in Segamat District which is the northernmost district in the State of Johore, Malaysia. The actual spelling is Batu Anam but it has now been corrupted to Batu Enam. It is surrounded by rubber and oil palm plantations and the more prominent plantations are Sungei Senarut Estate, Paya Lang Estate and Gomali Estate with a number of smaller estates and smallholdings. There is an old rubber factory known as H&C Latex still in use. Paya Lang Club had a beautiful 9 hole Golf Course which is now planted with Palm Oil trees after the plantation was sold to local interests.

Coordinates: 2°35′N 102°43′E / 2.583°N 102.717°E / 2.583; 102.717