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Baturité is a city of Ceará State, Brazil 80 km (50 mi) from the state capital Fortaleza. It is located in the microregion of Baturité. The population estimate in 2004 was 31,124 inhabitants.


Circuit Ceará of Culture being presented in the edition of Business Fair of Baturité (FENEBE - Feira de Negócios do Maciço de Baturité)

Currently the economy of Baturité is based mainly in the exploration of the economy's tertiary sector (deal[disambiguation needed] and services), on the vegetal extration, plantation of cotton, sugar cane, rice, maize and beans.

Coordinates: 04°19′44″S 38°53′06″W / 4.32889°S 38.88500°W / -4.32889; -38.88500