Bauchi Emirate

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Bauchi Emirate
Traditional state
Flag of Bauchi Emirate
Bauchi Emirate is located in Nigeria
Bauchi Emirate
Bauchi Emirate
Coordinates: 10°18′57″N 09°50′39″E / 10.31583°N 9.84417°E / 10.31583; 9.84417
Country  Nigeria
State Bauchi State

The Bauchi Emirate was founded by Fula in the early 19th century in what is now Bauchi State, Nigeria, with its capital in Bauchi. The emirate came under British "protection" in the colonial era, and is now denoted a traditional state.


Before the Fulani jihad the Bauchi region was inhabited by a large number of small tribes, some of whom spoke languages related to Hausa, and some of whom were Moslems. The province of Bauchi was conquered between 1809 and 1818 by Fula warriors led by one Yakoba, the son of a local Gerawa ruler who had been educated at Sokoto and had studied under Usman dan Fodio.[1]

The emirate remained under Fula rule until 1902 when a British expedition occupied the capital without fighting. The British abolished the slave trade, which had flourished until then, and appointed a new emir, who died a few months later. In 1904 the emir who had succeeded took the oath of allegiance to the British crown.[2]


Rulers of the Bauchi state, titled Lamido, were:[3]

Start End Ruler
1805 1845 Yaqubu I dan Dadi (b. 1753 - d. 1845)
1845 1877 Ibrahima dan Yaqubu
1877 1883 Usman dan Ibrahima
1883 1902 Umaru dan Salamanu
1902 Muhammadu dan Ibrahima (d. 1902)
1903 1907 Hasan dan Mamudu (d. 1907)
1907 1941 Ya`qubu II dan Usman (d. 1941)
1941 28 Sep 1954 Yaqubu III dan Umaru
May 1955 1998 Adama Jumba dan Yaqubu
1998 24 July 2010 Suleiman Adamu (d. 24 July 2010 aged 77)[4]
29 July 2010 Rilwanu Suleimanu Adamu (b. 1970)[5]


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Adamu JUmba died in 1983 not 1998 Suleiman Adamu appointed in 1983 and not 1998