Bavar 2

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For the Air defense system see Bavar 373.

Bavar 2
Role Ground effect vehicle
National origin  Iran
Manufacturer IRGC
First flight 2009[1]
Introduction 2010
Status Active
Primary user IRGC
Number built 12

Bavar 2 (Persian:باور ٢, meaning: Belief 2) is a ground effect vehicle unveiled in September 2010 by the Iranian navy (IRGC). It is designed to have small radar signature, and therefore be difficult to track on radar, to be able to remain undetected while carrying out patrol missions. The boat can be equipped with different kinds of weapons including locally produced rockets and missiles.[2][3][4][5][6] The design is based on the work of Alexander Lippisch and is similar in concept to the 1970s experimental RFB X-113.

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