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Bawa is a Jat clan mostly found in Punjab and some parts of Haryana. Bawa is a Jat gotra (clan) of Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. The originally locally settled Bawa clan in Punjab,India is mainly found in the Malwa region of Punjab whose main occupation is farming and agriculture. They are also settled in Punjab province of Pakistan. They also holds exceptional contributions to Punjabi folk music, Sikh history, education, business and enjoys strong positions in business, military, education and agriculture in modern India.

During the Indo-Pak partition, people belonging to this clan also migrated from Pakistan part of Punjab and settled in big cities towards Jullundur, Delhi and Mumbai in India and started local businesses with heavy success.

They hold strong place in Sikh history. Bawa is also a title given to first three Sikh Gurus.

Famous personalities:
Kartar Singh Bawa - (1886-1960) - A direct descendant of Guru Amar Das and a scientist of repute. Founder Fellow of the Indian Chemical Society.
Budh Singh Bawa - (1878 - 1931) - Did a pioneering work in preserving the old Punjabi poetry, Titles including Hans Chog (1913), Khoikoo (1916), Bambiha Bol(1925), Prem Kahani (in Persian Script) and Raja Rasalu
Gurmeet Bawa - Shiromani Singer of Punjab known for her folk and long hek.