Bay Area Rapid Transit District

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The Bay Area Rapid Transit District is a special-purpose district body that governs the Bay Area Rapid Transit system in the California counties of Alameda, Contra Costa County, San Francisco. The system itself also serves northern San Mateo County and is being extended to Santa Clara County but these counties have bought into the system and have no voting stake nor representatives in the district proper.[1]


The BARTD was created in the mid 20th Century to provide a transit alternative between suburbs in the East Bay and job centers in San Francisco's Financial District and to a lesser extent ones in Downtown Oakland and Downtown Berkeley. The district originally included San Mateo and Marin Counties.


BARTD is split into 9 districts with 9 board members one of which is the president. Current members include: District 1: Gail Murray, District 2: Joel Keller, District 3: Rebecca Saltzman, District 4: Robert Raburn, District 5: John McPartland, District 6: Thomas Blalock, District 7: Zakhary Mallett, District 8: James Fang, District 9: Tom Radulovich (President)


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