Bay Ridge – 95th Street (BMT Fourth Avenue Line)

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Bay Ridge – 95th Street
New York City Subway rapid transit station
95th St BMT column.jpg
Station platform.
Station statistics
Address 95th Street & Fourth Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11209
Borough Brooklyn
Locale Fort Hamilton
Coordinates 40°36′56.40″N 74°1′52.90″W / 40.6156667°N 74.0313611°W / 40.6156667; -74.0313611Coordinates: 40°36′56.40″N 74°1′52.90″W / 40.6156667°N 74.0313611°W / 40.6156667; -74.0313611
Division B (BMT)
Line BMT Fourth Avenue Line
Services       R all times (all times)
Structure Underground
Platforms 1 island platform
Tracks 2
Other information
Opened October 27, 1925 (89 years ago) (1925-10-27)
Former/other names 95th Street – Fort Hamilton
Passengers (2013) 1,830,193[1] Increase 1.2%
Rank 256 out of 421
Station succession
Next north 86th Street: R all times
Next south none: R all times

Bay Ridge – 95th Street (originally 95th Street – Fort Hamilton) is the southern terminal station on the BMT Fourth Avenue Line of the New York City Subway. Despite the name, the station is actually located in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Fort Hamilton (as its original name implies) at the intersection of 95th Street and Fourth Avenue. It is served by the R train at all times.

This underground station, opened on October 27, 1925 and refurbished in the late 1970s, has two tracks and one island platform. The tracks end at bumper blocks at the south end of the platform. It was the last to be built for the Fourth Avenue Line and is geographically the westernmost in the subway. This station is built on the west side of Fourth Avenue due to plans for an express line underneath the Narrows to Staten Island that never materialized.

Both platform walls have their original mosaic trim line with name tablets reading "95TH STREET." in Times New Roman font along the entire station except for a small section at the north end, where the platform was extended in the 1950s to accommodate the current standard "B" Division train length of 600 feet. Here, the wall is bare black.

This station has two mezzanines above the platform and tracks, but mosaic directional signs indicate they were originally one full-length mezzanine. The closed-off sections are now used for employee-only spaces. The station's larger, full-time mezzanine is at the south end. It has two staircases from each platform, turnstile bank, token booth, two restrooms, and two staircases going up to either western corners of Fourth Avenue and 95th Street. A passageway leads to another staircase that is built inside alcove of 9488 Fifth Avenue. The station's other mezzanine is unstaffed, containing one staircase from the platform, High Entry/Exit Turnstiles, and two staircases going up to either southern corners of 93rd Street and Fourth Avenue.

North of this station, a center layup track forms just north of the diamond crossover, before ending at a bumper block just south of 86th Street.

South of this station, there is a false wall at the end of the tracks for a planned extension to 101st Street and beyond into a never-built tunnel under the Narrows into Staten Island. A plan had been about at the time to build a railway tunnel from this station in Brooklyn under the Narrows to connect this BMT line with the Staten Island Railway line near the Grasmere train station, and their cars were built for the Staten Island electrification which would also be of the same dimensions to run on the BMT should this connection be built. Unfortunately it never was built and today one of the world's greatest suspension bridges, the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge is a vehicular link in a place near the planned tunnel. There were also plans to construct an underground storage yard here.

Station layout[edit]

G Street Level Exit/Entrance
M Mezzanine Fare control, station agent
Platform level
Northbound NYCS R toward, Forest Hills – 71st Avenue (36th Street late nights) (86th Street)
Island platform, doors will open on the left or right
Northbound NYCS R toward, Forest Hills – 71st Avenue (36th Street late nights) (86th Street)



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