Bay of Cádiz

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For the comarca in the province of Cádiz named Bay of Cádiz, see Bay of Cádiz (comarca).
Bay of Cádiz, 1888

The Bay of Cádiz is a body of water adjacent to the southwestern coast of Spain. It touches the following municipalities in the province of Cádiz: Cádiz, San Fernando, Puerto Real, El Puerto de Santa Maria, and Rota. The Bay of Cádiz should not be confused with the Gulf of Cádiz, a larger body of water which is in the same area but further offshore.

Inside Bay of Cádiz is the Bahía de Cádiz Natural Park.

There is also a comarca (the Spanish equivalent of a county) with the name Bay of Cádiz.

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Coordinates: 36°29′39″N 6°13′01″W / 36.49417°N 6.21694°W / 36.49417; -6.21694