Sevastopol Bay

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Sevastopol Bay
Ukrainian Navy artillery boat U170 in the Bay of Sevastopol
Coordinates 44°37′10″N 33°32′24″E / 44.61931°N 33.53988°E / 44.61931; 33.53988Coordinates: 44°37′10″N 33°32′24″E / 44.61931°N 33.53988°E / 44.61931; 33.53988
Type bay
Primary inflows Chorna River
Primary outflows Black Sea
Basin countries  Russia (disputed)
 Ukraine (disputed)

Sevastopol Bay (Ukrainian: Севастопольська бухта; Russian: Севастопольская бухта) is a city harbor that houses series of smaller bays carved out its shores. The bay of Sevastopol splits the city into the Southern side and the Northern side. It serves as an extension of the Chorna River and stretches for 7.5 km (4.7 mi) which is the longest of them all.

Bays appear as a unique attraction of Sevastopol. The city is located as an elevated amphitheater on their shores. Namely those bays give it the extraordinary charm. The bay of Sevastopol stretches from the open sea eastward to the Inkerman Monastery at the end narrowing down and finishing with mouth of Chorna river. The bay is the sea gates of the city. Covering big water space, the harbor serves as a comfortable stay for a fleet. Since the beginning of 20th century it was housing cruisers and ironclads. The amount of piers along the shores of the harbor far exceeds the number of bays.

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