Bayangovi, Bayankhongor

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Bayangovi District
Баянговь сум
Bayangovi District is located in Mongolia
Bayangovi District
Bayangovi District
Location in Mongolia
Coordinates: 44°44′04″N 100°23′33″E / 44.73444°N 100.39250°E / 44.73444; 100.39250Coordinates: 44°44′04″N 100°23′33″E / 44.73444°N 100.39250°E / 44.73444; 100.39250
Country  Mongolia
Province Bayankhongor
Time zone UTC+8

Bayangovi (Mongolian: Баянговь, also Bayangov' or Bayangobi, Rich gobi) is a sum (district) of Bayankhongor Province in southeastern Mongolia. It is situated approximately 40 kilometres south of the lake Orog Nuur, 170 km from provincial capital Bayankhongor and 650 km southwest of Ulan Bator. Bayangovi is surrounded by the Ikhee Bogd mountain range, and by desert.

Outside the small town of Bayangovi are a number of desert sites of natural and cultural interest.[1] About 90km east of Bayangovi lies Tsagaan Agui. The cave once housed Stone Age human beings 700,000 years ago and features a crystal-lined inner chamber. At Tsagaan Bulag, 18km south, a white rock outcrop has the faint imprint of an anthropomorphic figure. Sixty-six kilometres south-west of Bayangovi is the petrified forest at Ulaan Shand. The area is littered with stone logs and stumps.