Bayantooroi, Govi-Altai

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Gobi desert landscape around Bayantooroi

Bayantooroi (Mongolian: Баянтоорой) is a settlement in the Tsogt sum (district) of Govi-Altai Province in western Mongolia.

Bayantooroi is an irrigated cropping settlement in Gobi desert oazis, 62 km S from Tsogt sum center. The headquarters for Great Gobi A and Great Gobi B Strictly Protected Areas are in Bayantooroi. Eej Khairkhan Uul natural monument is 50 km W from Bayantooroi.

Coordinates: 44°55′29″N 96°45′18″E / 44.92472°N 96.75500°E / 44.92472; 96.75500