Bayerngas Norge

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Bayerngas Norge
Type Private
Industry Petroleum
Founded 2005
Founder(s) Bayerngas GmbH and partners[1]
Headquarters Oslo, Norway
Key people Florian Bieberbach (Chairman of the Board), Arne Westeng (Managing Director)
Website [1]

Bayerngas Norge AS is an oil and gas company with operations in several North-European countries. The company operates upstream with licenses in both Norwegian, Danish and British sectors. The company was established in 2006 and is owned by German, Austrian and Swiss local authorities. Their headquarters is in Lilleaker, Oslo, and the CEO is Arne Westeng. In 2013, the company had 90 employees from 12 different countries.


There are four shareholders of Bayerngas Norge AS. Bayerngas GmbH owns 31.5 % while the company’s biggest shareholder is SWM Gasbeteiligungs GmbH who owns 61.42 %. The remaining shares are owned by Swissgas and TIGAS-Erdgas Tirol who control 3.33 % and 3.75 %, respectively. These companies are owned by local authorities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


At the end of 2013 Bayerngas Norge had 68 licenses, where 47 were in Norway, 17 in the UK, and 4 in Denmark. Bayerngas Norge has five operatorships in Norway and one in the UK. The company aims to participate in between five to ten exploration wells per year, preferably in frontier areas. Average daily production is estimated to be around 16,200 barrels of oil, the equivalent of about 10 TWh.

Ambition and development[edit]

The owners of Bayerngas Norge have a stated goal of securing energy to their owners, and thereby reducing their dependency on Russian gas. Since the start in 2006, the company has grown through acquisition of licenses and companies, among others PA Resources Norge. The company will continue to grow through new licenses from national authorities, as well as acquisitions of existing licenses from other oil companies.

Research and development[edit]

Bayerngas Norge actively contributes to research and development within energy. The company, among other things, is committed to reduce CO2 emissions from hydrocarbon combustion by financially supporting the Norwegian-British company GasPlas, who develops the GasPlas technology.

Community involvement[edit]

Bayerngas Norge contributes to projects and organizations they find particularly important and relevant for the company and society in general. Norwegian-German Willy-Brandt-Stiftung is, based on common interests for Norwegian-German relations, one of the organizations supported by the company. Bayerngas Norge also supports female Norwegian-football through their partnership with Røa Dynamite Girls. Beyond these long-term commitments, the company has supported Øglegraverne 2012, in their research and excavation of fossils on Svalbard.

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