Bayn Johnson

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Bayn Johnson
Born (1958-11-04) November 4, 1958 (age 55)
New Orleans, Louisiana U.S.
Occupation Actress, Singer
Years active 1967—1978

Bayn Johnson (born November 4, 1958) is a former American actress, and singer, best known as Kelly, the female blonde-haired band member of the Short Circus in seasons 3-4 of the PBS children's television series The Electric Company from 1973-1975 when she was 14-16 years old. Johnson cameo appeared on the children's television series Sesame Street from 1969-1970 when she was 10-11 years old.

Early career[edit]

Johnson got her first career break in the late 1960s appearing opposite Bernadette Peters as the title character in the off-Broadway musical Curley McDimple, a pseudo-satirical tribute to Shirley Temple movies.[1] Johnson also recorded a Christmas novelty song entitled "Christmas Teddy Bear". In 1969, she appeared as "Happy Hollywood" in the television show What's It All About, World?.[2]

The Short Circus[edit]

In 1973, 14-year-old Johnson became a member of the Short Circus on the PBS television show The Electric Company. As "Kelly", Johnson replaced the recently departed Denise Nickerson, ultimately appearing in over 250 episodes of the show. In 1975, she was recently departed and replaced by Janina Matthews playing Gail in the Electric Company.[3]

Johnson's stage experience proved an asset to The Electric Company, as her natural stage presence allowed her to sing lead on the song "Freeze". She could also handle vaudeville-styled numbers with ease, performing "Buddy and Kelly" alongside co-star Stephen Gustafson (born in probably 1958) and "The 'Or' Song" with Short Circus mainstay June Angela.

Later career[edit]

After outgrowing The Electric Company in 1975 (she was replaced by another blonde, Janina Mathews as "Gail"), Johnson made television appearances on The Love Boat, Police Woman and Switch.

Johnson attended New York University and earned a degree in Journalism. As of 2009, she is doing commercial voice-over work.

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