Bayside Comprehensive School

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Bayside Comprehensive School
Established 1972
Type Single-sex comprehensive
Gender of pupils Male
Headmaster Colin Skinner[1]
Teaching staff 65
Students Approx. 1000
Ages 12-18
Location Bayside Road,
Colours Navy blue
Newspaper El Student Life (Seasonal/Annual)
Website Official Website
School entrance from Bayside Road.
School entrance from Bayside Road.

Bayside Comprehensive School, or simply Bayside, is a boys' comprehensive school in the British overseas territory of Gibraltar. It is one of two secondary schools in Gibraltar and covers year 8 to year 13 (age 12 to 18).


Bayside was established in 1972 when the comprehensive school system was implemented in Gibraltar. Four separate schools were merged to form Bayside, the sole secondary school for boys aged 12 to 18. The original four schools were St. Jago's Secondary Modern, Our Lady of Lourdes Secondary Modern the Gibraltar and Dockyard Technical School and the Gibraltar Grammar School. However, it was not until 1974 that all the students from those schools were housed in the one building on the present site at Bayside[2][3]

Subjects offered[edit]

Bayside offers a range of subjects at different levels. These are at Key Stage 3 (year 8 & 9), Key Stage 4 (year 10 & 11) and the sixth form (year 12 and 13). Students do their GCSEs during Key Stage 4. Students may choose to continue into the sixth form to study A-Levels. Italicized subjects indicate compulsory subjects.

Student body[edit]

The running of the school's student system consists of two separate parts. Firstly, there is the system of Head boy, Deputy Head Boys (Two Individuals) & Assistant Deputy Heads (Four individuals, this can also be known as Heads of House). In order for students to form part of this system, they must formally present themselves and state their interest to become head boy, or to fill in one of the other positions. After they do so, they must be elected by teachers. After teachers have sifted through and found potential candidates they are then voted into their positions by their 6th form colleagues. The second system of the student body is the Student Council which is described in the next subsection.

Student Life/Bayside Newspaper[edit]

Prior to 2009, Bayside school's Student Newspapers have had many aliases ranging from 'Student world' to simply 'Student Magazine'. Over the years, these magazines/papers have been run by the students. In 2009, Year 12 6th form students looked to revitalise the undergoing tradition of having a school newspaper by introducing seasonal newsletters at different points during the year, as opposed to just one single newsletter at the end of the year. The newly branded 'Student Life' was designed, written by and photographed by the students themselves.

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