Bayuda Volcanic Field

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Bayuda Volcanic field
Bayuda Vulkanfeld.jpg
Elevation 670 m (2,200 ft)[1]
Bayuda Volcanic field is located in Sudan
Bayuda Volcanic field
Bayuda Volcanic field
Coordinates 18°20′0″N 32°45′0″E / 18.33333°N 32.75000°E / 18.33333; 32.75000Coordinates: 18°20′0″N 32°45′0″E / 18.33333°N 32.75000°E / 18.33333; 32.75000[1]
Type Volcanic field
Age of rock Holocene
Last eruption 850 CE ± 50 years [1]

The Bayuda (or Baiyuda) Volcanic field is a collection of more than 90 eruptive centres, including at least 15 named cinder cones, and five named craters in the Bayuda Desert, Sudan. [1] The largest explosive crater Hosh ed Dalam, is 1.3 km wide, and approximately 500 m deep.[1]


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