Bazooka 17

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Bazooka 17
Box set by Ami Suzuki
Released 7 September 2005
Genre J-Pop
Length N/A
Label Sony Music Entertainment Japan

Bazooka 17 is a box set released by Sony Music Entertainment Japan for singer Ami Suzuki in September 2005. It was a limited edition release.


The name means that the box set contains the releases of the 17, 18 and 19-year old Suzuki Ami, the old artists (in 2005 she was known as a new artist in her new label Avex Trax). It contained all the CDs and DVD previously released of the artist, plus a previously-unreleased DVD of Ami's first live concert 1st Concert Oh Yeah! which took place in May 1999 in Zepp Tokyo, with a bonus DVD of the behind the scenes of the concert. It only contains the discs (no booklet or jewel cases) and contains a bonus deluxe booklet.

Track listing[edit]