Bbs Paranoicos

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Bbs Paranoicos
BBS Paranoicos (Chile) @ Family Day Festival (2955554884).jpg
Live at "Family Day Festival", 2008.
Background information
Origin Santiago, Chile
Genres Melodic hardcore, punk rock, hardcore punk
Years active 1991—present
Labels Ta Ke Sale!, Alerce, M&M, Oveja Negra, Toxic, Deifer, Alerta, Compañía Independiente Vasca
Members Carlos Kretchmer
Omar Acosta
Pedro López
Juan Herrera
Past members Alex Patiño
Daniel Tobar

Bbs Paranoicos is a Chilean punk rock band, formed in 1991. Located on the second wave of Chilean punk rock, when opening the output state of new punk groups not so protesters, being near Machuca, Fiskales Ad-Hok and Los Miserables are bands more highlight from the 90's.

The bands Lagwagon, Rise Against, Alkaline Trio, No Use For A Name, Descendents, All and Bad Religion are the influences of the band. Also, the group played with international bands as Misfits, Circle Jerks, Dead Kennedys, No Use For A Name, Millencolin, Siniestro Total, Lagwagon, MXPX, No Fun at All, Pennywise, Green Day, Negu Gorriak, etc. Bbs Paranoicos has been touring by Chile, Argentina, Perú, Brasil, Uruguay and España, with significant stakes as "Cumbre del Rock 2009" and "Lollapalooza Chile 2012".


Current members
Former members
  • Alex Patiño – lead vocals (1991–1999)
  • Cedric – guitars (1994–1999)
  • Boyle – drums (1991)
  • Daniel Tobar – drums (2005–2009)


Studio albums
  • Incierto Final (1993, Sello Alerce)
  • Fábricas Mágicas... Lápidas Tétricas (1995, Toxic)
  • Hardcore Para Señoritas (1997, Ta Ke Sale!/Deifer)
  • Collage (1999, Ta Ke Sale!/Alerce/Alerta)
  • Algo no Anda (2000, Ta Ke Sale!/Compañía Independiente Vasca)
  • Capital (2003, Alerce)
  • Antídoto (2008, M&M)
  • BBS Paranoicos / E.M.S. (2001)
  • BBS Paranoicos / Desperate Cry (2010)
  • BBS Paranoicos / White Flag (2012)
  • BBS Paranoicos / Takoma Star (2012)
Live albums
  • La Victoria Del Perdedor (2008)
  • Rock & Guitarras (2008)
Compilation albums
  • The History of BBS Paranoicos (2000)
  • Pocos y Escasos Exitos (2002)
  • Cambia El Tiempo (Antología 1993 - 2003) (2003)
  • Dulces Bebés Paranoicos (1992)
  • Demo (2002)
  • El Ensayo (2000, Ta Ke Sale!)
  • Uno (2005)
  • Dos (2005)