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Founded February 2007, 2007
Focus Hospitality exchange, international understanding, networking
Area served Global
Method Hospitality service
Members > 66,000
Official languages 39 language versions

BeWelcome (often abbreviated as BW) is a hospitality exchange service that is run by a non-profit organization. The website was founded in February 2007. As of September 2014, the organisation has more than 66,000 members in more than 150 countries all around the world, who offer free accommodation and help during travel.[1] Joining is free and the software behind the site, the BW-rox platform, is free and open-source software.[2][3]


BeWelcome is a free service, but requires registration. It is run by volunteers, and organized as a voluntary association registered in Rennes, France.

Members can contact each other for information about the offered accommodation or to request to stay. The service requires that the exchange be non-commercial.[4] Members can also leave feedback on their experiences.


BeWelcome is the result of a project created in October 2006 by dissatisfied volunteers of the Hospitality Club network. They founded the official non-profit association, 'BeVolunteer,' which manages the "BeWelcome site" and which is registered in Rennes, France.[5][6][7]


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