Be Strong, Geum-soon!

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For the 2002 film, see Saving My Hubby.
Be Strong, Geum-soon!
Genre Drama
Written by Lee Jung-sun
Directed by Lee Dae-young
Starring Han Hye-jin
Kang Ji-hwan
Opening theme "One Fine Day" by Marry M
Ending theme "Can't This Be Love" by Ki-hoo
Country of origin South Korea
Original language(s) Korean
No. of episodes 163
Producer(s) Jang Geun-soo
Location(s) South Korea
Running time 30 minutes on Mondays to Fridays at 20:20 (KST)
Original channel Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation
Picture format SDTV
Original run February 14, 2005 (2005-02-14) – September 30, 2005 (2005-09-30)
Preceded by Lotus Flower Fairy
Followed by The Youth in Bare Feet
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Be Strong, Geum-soon! is a 2005 South Korean television series starring Han Hye-jin and Kang Ji-hwan. It aired on MBC from February 14 to September 30, 2005 on Mondays to Fridays at 20:20 for 163 episodes.[1]


The drama starts off with Geum-soon in the midst of a hairdressing exam in a hairdressing school, but failed after suffering a high tide in her bladder. Geum-soon later married Song-hwan, who died in a car accident within days of their marriage. She later gave birth to a boy, Hwi-seong and lived with her in-laws.

Geum-soon took on various jobs to earn her keep, from a nutritional drink seller promoting her products in the Korea University Hospital but later went on to be an apprentice in a hair salon, after much pleas from her mother-in-law, who initially insisted that she should stay at home for another year to look after her son.

Geum-soon encountered an accident after her scooter crashed onto the car of a young, fastidious doctor, who reported her to the police and picked up every tiny little fault from a broken finger to a sprained ankle. Later, much to her surprise, when she signed up to be an apprentice in a hair salon, she realized that the man was the son of the salon's owner. The assistant manager of the salon, Eun-ju, initially rejected her application on grounds that the salon had more than enough staff, but a decision was made after Jae-hee and Mi-ja find it better to employ her.

Geum-soon was placed under the guidance of a colleague, Hae-mee, but found herself to be bullied by her. Around this time, Geum-soon changed her hairstyle from a "cabbage-head" hairstyle (which became her nickname for Jae-hee) to her normal straight and curly hairstyle and eventually she managed to leak out Geum-soon's secret that she was a mother shortly after she revealed her past to Miss Yoon after being late one day. When the secret was discovered by the assistant manager, she was rapidly fired.


  • Han Hye-jin - Na Geum-soon
  • Kang Ji-hwan - Goo Jae-hee
  • Kim Nam-gil (credited as Lee Han) - Noh Seong-hwan
  • Lee Min-ki - Noh Tae-hwan
  • Kim Seo-hyung - Ha Seong-ran
  • Yoon Yeo-jeong - Kim Jin-soon
  • Choi Ja-hye - Na Geum-ah
  • Yang Hee-kyung - Ahn Soon-ji
  • Park In-hwan - Noh So-jang
  • Kim Ja-ok - Son Jung-sim
  • Kim Yoo-suk - Noh Si-hwan
  • Jang Yong - Jang Ki-jong
  • Yang Mi-kyung - Kim Young-ok
  • Lee Se-eun - Jang Eun-ju
  • Yoon Mi-ra - Oh Mi-ja
  • Lee Hee-do - Na Sang-do
  • Chae Eun-seo - Ahn Hae-mee
  • Hwang Hye-hee - Yun So-ran
  • Woo Kang-ha - Ah-ki


An Indonesian remake titled Intan aired in 2006.


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