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Coordinates: 43°17′41″N 81°46′59″W / 43.294731°N 81.78317°W / 43.294731; -81.78317 Beach O' Pines is a private gated community located on the shores of Lake Huron in Lambton County, Ontario, Canada.

Beach O' Pines is located immediately outside of the community of Grand Bend, Ontario, and is bordered to the northwest by Lake Huron, the southwest by the Pinery Provincial Park, the northeast by the subdivision of Southcott Pines, and the southeast by the Old Ausable River Channel, Highway #21, and the subdivision of Huron Woods.

Noble v. Alley[edit]

Noble v. Alley was a Supreme Court of Canada case where the decision of the court struck down a restrictive covenant that limited ownership to the properties inside Beach O' Pines based upon ethnic origin. The case began in April 1948, when Bernard Wolf signed an agreement to buy a cottage property in Beach O' Pines. A title search of the property by his lawyer discovered the restrictive covenant in the original property deed. [1] [1]

The covenant restricting the ownership of the property was upheld by the Ontario Court of Appeal and was overturned by the Supreme Court of Canada in a vote of six to one because the language used in the text was ambiguous. [2]

Romney family[edit]

George Romney, the former governor of the state of Michigan and president of American Motors purchased a small cottage at Beach O' Pines in 1950.[3] The cottage was the destination of a 1983 road trip by Governor Mitt Romney, his wife, children, and pet dog.[4] Mitt Romney, the son of George Romney, transported his dog Seamus in a kennel on the roof of his car during a portion of one trip from Boston to Beach O' Pines.[5] Mitt Romney and his siblings still own the cottage.[6]


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