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Beacon Street, Boston, c. 1897

Beacon Street is a major thoroughfare in Boston, Massachusetts and several of its western suburbs. Beacon Street in Boston, Brookline, Brighton, and Newton is not to be confused with the Beacon Street in nearby Somerville, or others elsewhere.


Beacon Street begins as a one-way street from the intersection of Tremont Street and School Street. From this point it rises up Beacon Hill for a block where it meets Park Street in front of the Massachusetts State House. From that intersection it descends Beacon Hill as a two-lane, bi-directional street until it reaches Charles Street. At Charles Street it becomes a one-way avenue that runs through the Back Bay neighborhood until it reaches Kenmore Square.

From Kenmore Square, Beacon Street skirts the area around Fenway Park and follows a southwesterly slant through Brookline along either side of MBTA Green Line trolley tracks to Cleveland Circle in Brighton. From there it passes Boston College as it winds its way to the city of Newton, where it crosses Centre Street to form the defining intersection of Newton Centre, meets Walnut Street at "Four Corners" near the Newton Cemetery, and goes through Waban at its intersection with Woodward Street. It ends at Washington Street near Boston's circumferential highway, Route 128.


Beacon Street initially formed the northern limit of Boston Common, and was extended over the Charles River Basin as a dam that would later form the shore between a narrowed river and the newly filled-in Back Bay neighborhood. The part of Beacon Street west of Kenmore Square was originally laid out in 1850. Railroad tracks were first laid in 1888 for what would eventually become the modern Green Line "C" Branch.

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  • New York Public Library. Postcard of Unitarian Building, 25 Beacon Street Boston, Headquarters American Unitarian Association. Also shows State House, Hotel Bellevue, early 20th century