Beaconhouse School System (Pakistan)

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Beaconhouse School System
Seek the Light (English)
Funding type Private school
Status Open
Grades 1–13
Language English-medium
Color(s) Blue      and Yellow     
Qualifications GCE, SSC
Boards CIE, BISE Lahore

Beaconhouse School System (BSS) in Pakistan is the Pakistan-based branch of an international company with the same name. It is a group of private fee-paying academic institutions located throughout 30 cities in Pakistan. BSS provides preschool education, primary education, secondary education and preparation for the international General Certificate of Education (GCE) and local Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examinations.





  • Bahawalpur Campus, Level: Preschool, Grade 1–11 (Matriculation and O Level)


  • Faisalabad Campus (East Canal Road)
  • Faisalabad KG Campus, Level: Preschool, Grade 1–2
  • Faisalabad KG-II Campus, Level: Pre School
  • Faisalabad Primary Campus, Level: Grade 3–6
  • Faisalabad Countryside Campus 15 Kilometer Jaranwala Road, Level: O Level
  • Faisalabad A Level Canal Campus, No.1,204-RB, New Gulshan-e-Iqbal, East Canal Road.


BSS near sialkot bypass...vania mookr...far 100 meters from MILLAT Gas station


  • BSS Gujrat Campus, Level: Preschool, Grade 1–13 (Matriculation and O Level),khatala road,Gujrat


  • Hafizabad Campus, Level: Preschool, Grade 1–10 (Matriculation)


  • Beaconhouse Margalla Campus H-8/4
  • Beaconhouse F-7/1 Branch
  • Beaconhouse F-7/4 Branch
  • Beaconhouse F-11/4 Branch
  • Beaconhouse F-10/3 Girls Branch
  • Beaconhouse F-10/4 Branch
  • Beaconhouse E-11/3 Elementary Branch


  • Jhelum Branch, Level: Preschool, Grade 1–13 (O Level and A Level)


  • Clifton KG 2
  • Clifton KG 3
  • Clifton Campus
  • Clifton A Level
  • Defence Campus
  • Discovery Centre
  • Gulshan A Level
  • Gulshan Cambridge
  • Gulshan KG 1
  • Gulshan KG 2
  • Gulshan KG 3
  • Gulshan Middle 1
  • Gulshan Middle 2
  • Gulshan Primary 1
  • Gulshan Primary 2
  • Gulshan Primary 3
  • Gulshan Primary 4
  • Gulshan Primary 5
  • Gulshan Primary 6
  • Gulshan Secondary
  • Gulshan Primary Campus
  • Jauhar KG
  • Jauhar KG 2
  • Jauhar Primary 1
  • Jauhar Primary 2
  • Jubilee Campus (Senior)
  • North Nazimabad Cambridge
  • North Nazimabad A Level
  • North Nazimabad KG 1
  • North Nazimabad KG 2
  • North Nazimabad Middle
  • North Nazimabad Primary 1
  • North Nazimabad Primary 2
  • North Nazimabad Primary 3
  • North Nazimabad Primary 4
  • North Nazimabad Primary 5
  • North Nazimabad Primary 6
  • PECHS Campus (Class 6 till A-Levels)
  • PECHS KG 1
  • PECHS KG 2
  • PECHS KG 3
  • PECHS Primary 1
  • PECHS Primary 2
  • PECHS Primary 3
  • Steel Town


  • Kharian Branch, Level: Preschool, Grade 1–11 (Matriculation and O Level)


  • Latifabad KG, Level: Primary
  • Latifabad Secondary, Level: Senior
  • Latifabad Primaty, Level: Junior


  • Allama Iqbal Town Campus
  • Canal Side Campus, Level: Preschool, Grade 1–13 (Matriculation, O Level, A level)
  • Cavalry Grounds Campus, Level: Preschool, Grade 1
  • Defence Campus, Level: Grade 8–13 (O Level and A Level)
  • Johar Town Boys Campus, Level: Grade 3–5 (Coeducation), Grade 6–11 (Boys) (Matriculation and O Level)
  • Johar Town Girls Campus, Level: Grade 6–11 (Girls) (Matriculation and O Level)
  • Johar Town Junior Campus, Level: Preschool
  • Johar Town Lower Primary Campus, Level: Grade 1–2
  • Les Anges Montessori Academy 51-FCC, Level: Preschool, Grade 1–3
  • Les Anges Montessori Academy 68 C, Level: Preschool, Grade 1–3
  • Les Anges Montessori Academy 72-L, Level: Preschool, Grade 1–3
  • Liberty Campus, Level: Grade 5–9 (Girls Branch) (Matriculation, O Level and A Level)
  • Model Town 17 G Campus, Level: Preschool, Grade 1–2
  • Model Town 79 G Campus, Level: Grade 3–5
  • Model Town (Peco Road) Campus, Level: Grade 6–11 (Separate branches for boys and girls) (Matriculation and O Level)
  • Upper Mall KG Campus, Level: Preschool
  • Upper Mall Campus, Level: Grade 1–8
  • Valencia Town, Level: Preschool, Grade 1–11 (Matriculation and O Level)
  • Walton Campus, Level: Preschool, Grade 1–7
  • Beaconhouse A-Levels Gulberg Campus,(ALGC)
  • Beaconhouse Newlands
  • Beaconhouse School System Garden Town Campus Lahore (BGTL)
  • Beaconhouse School System Bahria Town Campus Lahore

Mandi Bahauddin[edit]

  • Mandi Bahauddin Campus, Level: Preschool, Pre Nursey - Class 3
  • Mandi Bahauddin Campus, Level:Class 4 - Class 11


Jalala Campus Mardan Preschool, Grade 1–10 (Matriculation and O Level)


  • Mirpur Branch, Level: Preschool, Grade Nursery-Olevel


  • Multan A Level Campus (Malik Jang Sher) : Grade 12–13 (A Level)
  • Multan Main Campus, Level: Preschool, Grade 1–11 (Matriculation and O Level)
  • Multan KG Campus, Level: Preschool, Grade 1–5


  • Nowshera Campus, Level: Preschool, Grade 1–O-Levels, including Metric


  • Okara Campus, Level: Preschool, Grade 1– Olevel


  • Frontier Campus A Levels Branch, Level: Senior
  • Frontier Campus Boys Branch, Level: Senior
  • Frontier Campus Girls Branch, Level: Senior
  • Jamrud Campus, matric: Senior
  • KG Cantt Peshawar, Level: Senior
  • Khyber Campus, Level: Primary
  • ERP Ammad Ahmad school
  • Excellence Montessori School System


  • Qasimabad Campus, Level: Preschool, Grade 1–13 (O Level and A Level)


  • Quetta (Juniper) Campus, Level: Preschool, Grade 1–11 (Matriculation, O Level and A Level)

Rahim Yar Khan[edit]

  • Rahim Yar Khan Campus, Level: Preschool, Grade 1–10 (Matriculation & O level)


  • Beaconhouse Educational Complex, Level: Senior (A Level)
  • Beaconhouse Potohar Campus, Level: Senior (A Level)
  • Civil Lines Branch, Level: Primary
  • Peshawar Road Campus, Grades 1–11 (Matriculation and O Level)
  • Satellite Town Chapter, Level: Preschool, Grade 1–5 Primary, Grades 6–11 (Matriculation and O Level) (Boys and Girls separate Branches)


  • Sadiqabad Campus, Level: Preschool, Grade 1–10 (Matriculation)


  • Sahiwal Campus, Level: Preschool, Grade 1–8, expanding


  • Sargodha Main Campus, Level: Grades 1–11 (Matriculation and cambridge)
  • Sargodha KG Campus, Level: Preschool
  • Sargodha Girls Campus, Level4 to 11 cambridge and matric


  • Sheikhupura Primary Campus, Level: Preschool, Grade 1–2
  • Sheikhupura Secondary Campus, Level: Grade 3–11 (Matriculation and O Level)


  • Sialkot Main Campus, Level: Preschool, Grade 1–11 (Matriculation and O Level)
  • Sialkot Primary Branch, Level: Preschool, Grade 1–3


  • Sukkur KG/Lower Primary, Level: Preschool. Grade 1–8
  • Sukkur Secondary, Level: Senior

Wah Cantt[edit]

  • Primary Wah Branch, Level: Primary
  • Senior Wah Branch, Level: Senior


  • Hassan Sheheryar Yasin, a Pakistani fashion designer and a graduate of the Beaconhouse Defence Campus, Lahore
  • Ali Zafar, a Pakistani musician, actor, painter and model who graduated from Beaconhouse Defence, Lahore, and did undergraduate work at the National College of Arts
  • Sana Askari, a well-known TV personality and model graduate of Beaconhouse Gulshan Campus, Karachi
  • Salman Butt, a Pakistani cricketer who graduated from Beaconhouse Garden Town, Lahore
  • Ibrahim Shahid, a Beaconite who earned a record 23 out of 24 A's in his O Level examination[2]
  • Nadia Hussain, one of Pakistan's supermodels, was a student at Beaconhouse Defence Campus, Karachi.
  • Mir Zafar Ali,a graduate of Beaconhouse Cambridge Branch, Karachi (now PECHS Campus), is a talented and creative visual effects specialist. Ali was the Technical Director of the team that won an Oscar for best visual effects in 2007 for the movie The Golden Compass.
  • Kamran Akmal, a Pakistani cricketer who graduated from Beaconhouse Garden Town, Lahore
  • Syed Zohaib Asad, a Beaconhouse student from Wah Cantonment, earned 28 A's in his O Level examination[3]
  • Naseer Ahmad, who is a graduate of Beaconhouse Johar Town campus, was awarded the first position in Pakistan in NASA Cassini "Scientist For a Day" essay contest and was among the 48 winners of the competition worldwide in 2011.[4]
  • Muhammad Hasin Shabbir, who is currently studying in Beaconhouse Sheikhupura Secondary campus, got 3rd position in Mathlete Pakistan, a nationwide competition.

Other Beaconhouse programmes in Pakistan[edit]

The Educators
Established in 2002 in Pakistan, The Educators is a parallel private school network managed by Beaconhouse. It imparts a standardised quality of education across the nation at a tuition fee that is less than half that of Beaconhouse. The Educators operates on a franchise model in which Beaconhouse is the franchisor. As of 2012, 306 Educators schools are functional throughout the country, educating over 104,000 students.[5]
TNS Beaconhouse
TNS Beaconhouse is a private, coeducational, International Baccalaureate-certified school in Lahore that emphasizes the project-based Reggio Emilia approach to learning. It offers the IB Middle Years Programme and is a certified centre for the IGCSE. The establishment of TNS Beaconhouse in September 2007 was to a great extent influenced by the first-ever international conference on education in Pakistan, ‘Towards 2035: The School of Tomorrow’ hosted by the Beaconhouse Group in 2005 which featured radical thinkers like Noam Chomsky and Roger Schank.[6]


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