Beale Street Mama

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Beale Street Mama
Poster art
Directed by Spencer Williams
Produced by Bert Goldberg
Written by Sam Elljay
Starring July Jones
Spencer Williams
Rosalie Larrimore
Music by Vincent Valentini
Cinematography H. Arthur Smith
Distributed by Sack Amusement Enterprises
Release dates 1946 (USA)
Running time 62 minutes
Country United States of America
Language English

Beale Street Mama is a 1946 race film directed by and starring Spencer Williams and distributed by Sack Amusement Enterprises. The film is set in Memphis, Tennessee and focuses on a street sweeper who comes upon a large parcel of money. He uses the newly acquired wealth to go on a spending spree, with the hope of getting back at an old girlfriend who dumped him for another man. However, complications arise when it is discovered the money is counterfeit.[1][2]

No copyright was filed for Beale Street Mama, which makes the production a public domain film.[1]

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