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A bean is a large seed of several plants in the family Fabaceae, including the seed of the common bean. The word may refer to:


  • Bean Cars, an early British car company
  • BEAN (charity), a young professional volunteering, charity and social group
  • L.L.Bean, an American company offering outdoor gear and apparel




  • "The Bean", common nickname of Cloud Gate, sculpture in Chicago's Millennium Park
  • "The Bean", a nickname for Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A., short for "Beantown"
  • Mr. Bean, a British television character and series (1990–1995)
    • Bean (film), a 1997 film, starring Rowan Atkinson and based on the television character and series
  • Bean (Ender's Game), a character in Ender's Game and the major character in the Ender's Shadow series

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