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BearManor Media
Type Private
Genre media related biographies
Founded 2001
Founder(s) Ben Ohmart
Headquarters Originally Boalsburg, Pennsylvania;[1] now Albany, Georgia and Duncan, Oklahoma, United States

BearManor Media is a book publishing company founded by Ben Ohmart in 2001. Specializing in media-related biographies, BearManor Media is located in Albany, Georgia and Duncan, Oklahoma.

Ohmart developed his back list of almost 600 titles because of his own frustration with the publishing industry: "I started this publishing company in 2001, as a writer. I learned how hard it was to tap into the mainstream market with what is essentially nostalgia fodder. So I published The Great Gildersleeve myself. Then I learned something important. I seemed to enjoy the publishing side more than the writing side, so, when I began to get offers to publish other people's work (Jane Kean was one of the first), I began doing what I love full time." [2] Since then, the company has grown by leaps and bounds, expanding to include books of scripts, episode guides, film reviews, and celebrity interviews. Well-known authors of BearManor Media autobiographies include actor Charles Napier, voice actress Jean Foray, director James Sheldon, percussionist Emil Richards, dancer Miriam Nelson, child actresses Beverly Washburn and Sybil Jason, musician Al Lerner, and Dale Evans' manager, Dick Baxter.



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