Bear City Roller Derby

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Bear City Roller Derby
League logo
Metro area Berlin
Country Germany
Founded 2008
Teams Berlin Bombshells (travel A-Team)
Inglorious Bombshells (travel B-Team)
Fantastic Fourteen
X-berg Cosmo Knocks
The Good, The Bad and The Gorgeous
Track type(s) Flat
Venue Arena Berlin
Affiliations WFTDA

Bear City Roller Derby (BCRD) is a roller derby league based in Berlin and was founded in 2008.


The league was founded as the Berlin Bombshells,[1] although it now reserves that name for its interleague bouting team. It was the second roller derby league in Germany, and was assisted in its early development by the first league, the Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz.[2] In its early days, it was thrown out of its practice hall by Berlin's sports department; the team decided to take legal action to regain access to a public practice space.[3] The league was given a boost when Diane Rott transferred from the B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls.[3]

It competed in the first roller derby bout between two German leagues, against the Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz in 2009. In the same year, it competed in "Roll Britannia", the first roller derby tournament in Europe, while in December it hosted the first European Roller Derby Organisational Conference (EROC).[1]

In October 2010, the league was accepted as an apprentice member of the WFTDA.[4] By May 2011, it had more than 60 skaters.[5]

Bear City hosted the first German Roller Derby Championship, held in December 2010, losing 124-128 to Stuttgart in the final.[6]

In March 2012, Bear City Roller Derby became the WFTDA’s first full member league in continental Europe.[7]


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