Bear Feat

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Bear Feat
Directed by Charles M. Jones
Produced by Eddie Selzer
Written by Michael Maltese
Starring Mel Blanc
Bea Benaderet (uncredited)
Billy Bletcher (uncredited)
Stan Freberg (uncredited)
Music by Carl Stalling
Edited by Treg Brown
Release dates
  • December 10, 1949 (1949-12-10)
Running time 7 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Bear Feat is a 1947-animated Looney Tunes cartoon directed by Chuck Jones, released in 1949 featuring The Three Bears.


Papa Bear sees an ad about a circus and makes his family practice until he learns it was called in 1928 and throws himself off a cliff.


  • When this cartoon aired on the former WB channel, the ending where Pa jumps off the cliff (only to be saved by Junyer with the tub of water) was cut.


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